The Skedaddle Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer

Because the road to paradise isn't always paved

A roof rack on wheels the Skedaddle trailer was designed as a modular camping trailer to facilitate setting up the perfect base camp. Rather than having kitchen, living, sleeping and bathroom all crammed into one small space why not use the wide open space to set up camp. Having your sleeping area right next to the fire might not be such a great idea but putting the kitchen there makes sense. And what about the bathroom? Might not want it located right next to the food prep area. Not only can the Skedaddle trailer carry all you gear but your roof top tent was made to put on a Skedaddle freeing up your vehicle to explore your new surroundings.

But that's not all. Being a non-purpose built design it can also be used as a basic hauler for around the house projects that need to be done. Once you own a Skedaddle you will wonder why you waited so long to get one. So get your's ordered today and start really enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

The Skedaddle

The Skedaddle:
$3150  $2275

The Skedaddle II

The Skedaddle II:
$3650  $2575

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