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Life is better with the right gear

At Madventure Camping we believe you shouldn't have to sleep in your car and bathe with a baby wipe. That's why our goal is to equip you, our customer, with the best logistics gear so you can concentrate on the outdoor activity you love to do.

How do you get there? Where do you stay once there? What are you going to eat? How do you clean up after a hards day play? What other special considerations are there to ensure a successful adventure. These are the logistics of your adventure and they are often the most overlooked part of the adventure.

To overcome this we carry the best line of RTT camping trailers, quick set-up tents and boats available. We carefully select the products we offer to make sure they meet a certain set of standards. We call it Madventuring or Motor Vehicle Adventure and the equipment we offer needs to be affordable and compatible with the type of vehicle our customers own. If you have a car or truck we can set you up with the perfect base camp.

Our product line includes:

  • Madventure Camping Trailers - Compact lightweight ruggedized camping trailers. These trailers are designed and built by us. With a fully custom frame, high quality CVT roof top tent and rear slide out galley as standard equipment these campers make a perfect home away from home.
  • Quick-Set Tents - Regular dome tents have their draw backs. They take time to set up and take down and they are sensitive to harsh weather such as heavy rain and wind. Our solution is the CVT line of ground tents. These are a high quality quick-set tent perfect for a base camp. If you're like me you tend to get to your destination at 11 at night. Who wants to be fumbling with tent poles when all you want to do is go to sleep. We also carry CVT’s line of vehicle awnings. A perfect addition for your base camp.
  • Saturn Inflatable Boats - These are not your run of the mill department store blow up but are a serious boaters solution for getting to those remote mountain lakes. Designed to inflate to a rigid boat and capable of handle motors up to 40hp. With a full line of boats from standup paddle boards, kayaks, kaboat cross over, mini/cats, and runabouts we are sure to set you up with just what you need when it comes to the water,


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The Adventure Begins



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