The Basics



Part 1: The Basics Of Maventuring

The basic idea here is being mobile. There are several aspects to the idea of mobility. Obviously it is the ability to go where you want to go not being hindered by such things as vehicle size or capabilities. But it also means being able to go explore once there. I have a lot of people ask me why not just fix up a van or pickup? Well, that limits your ability to go exploring for the day without having to tear down and pack up your camp. Another consideration is ability to go in the first place. With gas prices at an all-time high fuel economy becomes more important when we do want to go. And of course there is what I like to call bug-out ability. Maybe more or less important to some, to me the speed and ability to pack up, setup and tear-down makes a difference on how enjoyable it is or even if I go in the first place. Finally, madventuring is about treading lightly and having less overall impact on the environment.

So now that we know the basics it's time to make a plan (or as I like to call it, work out the logistics). The vehicle is the easy part. It's the same one you use to get to work or go buy groceries. Hopefully it gets decent mileage but other than that, it needs no special requirements. Next comes a place to stay or the base camp. Deciding between a tent or a trailer is a personal preference. A tent allows for great mobility without much modifications like setting up you vehicle to tow. But it has the drawback of reduced bug-out ability. Having to repack the car each time you go, finding level ground, fumbling with poles, blowing up an air mattress ... the list goes on. This can hinder the ability and desire to go. But there are solutions to a great adventure in a tent. You just need the proper gear. A quick set tent and folding cot and the bug-out ability of madventuring is back.

A small RTT camping trailer makes the best all around madventuring base camp. This is not an RV but a small utility trailer that can be left packed and ready to go at a moments notice. Once at your destination it opens up into a full blown base camp complete with tent, kitchen, shower and whatever other amenities you can think of. Compact, lightweight on the road: Full safari camp once in the woods.

This covers the basics. Shelter for sleeping, place for preparing meals and a place to get cleaned up after a hard days play. Next we will go over the basics of choosing a vehicle and some of the advance logistics of madventuring.

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