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Quick-set Tents and Awnings

CVT is one of the leading designers of quick set ground tents and awnings and we are proud to carry them. These are the same quality as their roof top tents used on all of our RTT camping trailers.

  • Internal frame: 3/4" aluminum
  • Fabric: 280g Poly/Cotton Rip Stop Fabric. W/P PU coating, Breathable and Mold Resistant with UV Protection.
  • Travel Cover: Heavy duty PVC

Black Butte Ground Tent $425



The Black Butte is for those who don’t have the means or desire to pull a trailer. These quick set ground tents set up in seconds and provide a dry, cozy safari style base camp. They also are a nice compliment to any of our trailers providing additional cover for more sleeping or even as a dining area. They attach nicely to any of the CVT awnings.

  • Closed they are 6’ 7” x 9” x 9”
  • Open they provide 6’ 6” x 7’ of sleeping area and a full 80” height


The CVT Awnings come in 3 sizes. 55”, 79” and 99”. They can be attached to a car roof rack or the preferred use is attached to a trailer to proved cover for the galley area. They extend a full 7’ out and can be attached to the Black Butte tent extending your camping coverage area.

  • 55” Awning $275
  • 79” Awning $300
  • 99” Awning $325


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