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inflatableMincat_01We Now offer the Saturn line of inflatable boats. With over 10,000 satisfied Saturn owners and a 98% customer satisfaction rate it's no wonder Saturn is the best value for an inflatable boat. With a no hassle return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee it's hard to beat our price and service.

Would you love to experience the joy of boating, while avoiding the hassle and expense of trailers, ExpedKaBoat_4storage, and maintenance associated with traditional boat ownership? If so then an inflatable craft is right for you.

Inflatables are convenient, affordable, and serve all the same functions of hard-hulled craft. Attach a gas motor and they can really move across the water, or opt for a quiet, inexpensive, electric motor to enhance your fishing or leisure. Saturn inflatable craft pose the most economically viable solution to get you on the water.

If you don't see the particular boat you want (size or style) please contact us. Saturn offers other boats and sizes and we can special order it for you.

Tradition Inflatable Boat
The traditional boat comes with an inflatable high pressure air deck or rigid floor. The air deck design makes the floor as rigid as plywood when inflated but once deflated can be easily rolled for storage. The rigid floor is for those looking to keep their boat inflated most of the time. This floor is made of heavy duty marine grade plywood or in the case of the larger boats aluminum.

The KaBoat
This is Saturn's innovative new design. A cross between a kayak and a boat. These innovative boats are wider than a kayak yet narrower than a boat. They come with Saturn's inflatable high pressure air deck and have a transom to accommodate a small gas or electric motor. More stable than a kayak yet more maneuverable than a boat. A perfect vessel for getting where the fish are and small and light enough to transport in the trunk of a small car.

The inflatable kayak becomes as rigid as a plastic kayak once inflated. As with all of Saturn's inflatables it has the inflatable high pressure air deck. Float your favorite rapids, ride the ocean surf or just head out on that mountain lake to catch your favorite fish. A Saturn kayak can do it all.

Simple and versatile design along with catamaran-type hull to allow easy planing and decent speeds even with a smaller power motor. These boats are a perfect leisure craft for swimming and just enjoying a day on the water.

Inflatable Paddle Board
Paddle boarding is a great pastime and Saturn's inflatable boards are the perfect solution. Compact and quick to inflate these boards are great to take to the lake or beach to explore those hidden coves and beaches. They include D-rings so you can attach a kayak seat and turn them into a sit-on-top kayak.

Saturn offers many other designs and sizes. If you don't see the size or option you're looking for please contact us so we can get it for you.

12’ KaBoat

14’ KaBoat





13’ Fishing Kayak

9’ 6” Dinghy Tender





11’ Paddle Board/Sit On-Top Kayak

9’ 6” Mini-Cat






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