How It's Made




How it’s made

We start with a custom designed and welded frame. This frame is specifically designed for our campers so the fit and form is perfect. The axle is a Flexride Torsion Axle. These state of the art fully adjustable axles are unique in the industry and provide better dampening and smoother ride compared to other torsion axles. We also use 2 rear stabilizer jacks to improve safety and aid in the leveling of the camper.

Once the frame is built the main box is constructed. Using a skin and bone construction method, half inch birch plywood (the skin) is reinforced with clear 1 X 2 select pine (the bone or skeleton). See below to find out why we chose this construction method over metal or composite. All joints are glued (using Tite Bond III waterproof glue) and screwed together. Once finished it is then reinforced and sealed with fiberglass and coated in a high performance truck bed liner (color of your choice). This makes a trailer that is indestructible yet lightweight and very appealing to the human eye. The front storage compartment and rear hatch use locking doors keyed to the same key.

The galley is constructed to a perfect fit using in birch skin and the same construction method. It is coated using a combination of clear bar top epoxy and countertop finish to create a food prep area that is both strong and beautiful to look at. It slides out the rear hatch on 500 lb. rated heavy duty vehicle drawer slides that lock both in and out.

A custom welded canoe/boat rack is fitted to the top and the CVT popup tent is bolted down.


Why wood

Wood is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource and we use it for its beauty, insulating properties and lightweight durability. Wood has an appeal that no other construction material has. We don’t live in plastic and metal houses so why camp in a plastic and metal camper. Wood warms our environment and gives us that calm feeling. That is why most luxury cars and yachts are constructed with lots of wood trim. When we head out we want to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the outdoors. So it only makes sense that our living space should also offer this same feeling. Wood also has  insolating properties. This helps keep our belongings and food stored in a climate controlled environment. But, what about durability? Some say you can’t build a 4X4 camper out of wood. Well pavement is a modern day invention. That means for thousands of years all vehicles were wooden 4 wheel drives (including wood wheels). Wood has withstood the test of time and is still used as the primary construction material for modern day homes.


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