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We design and custom build our own line of RTT (roof top tent) camping trailers. These trailers are rugged enough for off-road use yet compact and light enough for the Subaru or Honda owner. Most RTT trailers available are made for serious off-road use and are heavy, have big tires and lots of ground clearance. Our goal at Madventure Camping is to maintain the rugged nature of these trailers but make them more compact and conducive with the small car owner. What we have created is a rugged trailer that still has enough ground clearance to handle moderate off-road terrain but is also easily towed by a small car.

With a top quality CVT roof top tent, Slide-out rear galley, large storage area and optional on-demand hot water heater with shower these trailers make a perfect base camp for any adventure.

Our Models

The Treehouse – Our base model that’s perfect for 1 or 2 people looking to get up off the ground but want to keep their camping footprint to a minimum.

The Bunkhouse – A larger version of the Treehouse with enough room to sleep 2 adult and 1 or 2 children in comfort.

The Cabin – A big family camping trailer that can easily sleep 4 full grown adults.


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